Play Date Time

Play Date Time

Play Date TimePlay Date TimePlay Date Time

our family was blessed with a little miracle, Now 3, she keeps all of us on our toes always ready for adventure.  Everyday is new for her and us learning about life and all it has to offer. Kids are naturals at laughing and having fun!

These days her favorite word is....WHY?!

In 2019 I created the Play Date Back Pack for my time with Aaliah. I made sure to keep the backpack in my car in case I see her, we have something to do. She loves it and I get to spend quality time watching her learn and grow. 

you'll be their favorite adult

Children are funny little creatures. They are learning and so curious about everything. Why? Ever been asked that? Well we understand what kids like to do and why they like to do it. This pack will give you fun and quality time with your little friend.

learn as you go

No one is given an actual manual on how to take care of or even just hang out with kids. We decided to give you some easy tips to make your life and your little friends life( more for them) much more fun!

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